BUCKHEAD REWARDS: Connect a Guest to a Check

On an open check, tap the Rewards > Look Up Customer > Lookup


Enter the guest’s cell phone number using the format 7777777777 ( do not add spaces or dashes in between the numbers)

  • If the guest has a loyalty account, their name will appear. Click on the guest’s name > Done . The guest is now connected to this check and will earn loyalty points.

  • If the guest does not have a loyalty account, it will show “Not Registered” and the guest will receive a text message to complete registration. The guest is now connected to the check via their phone number and will earn loyalty points. When they create a loyalty account using that same phone number, they will see the points they’ve earned.


Redeem a Reward

Connect the guest to the check using the process above

  • You will see the rewards they are able to redeem listed. If they do not have enough points to redeem the reward, it will be grayed out.

  • Click REDEEM next to the reward.

  • Add items to the check. When you send it, you will see the discount taken off of the check.